My Pinocchio in ADI Design museum!

I'm back at the Adi Design Museum, this time for the exhibition "Dear Pinocchio," where I was invited to redesign, along with 61 other Italian graphic designers, the world's most famous puppet.

It was an honor for me to discover the names of the other designers, some of whom I greatly admire, and to see my work hanging next to theirs.

Here my artwork:
"But I don't want to be digested!" shouts Pinocchio inside the dog-fish, in his final struggle from darkness to light. It's a moment of tension, between outside and inside, a moist and acidic threshold where everything is decided, here and now. It's the joy of effort - from "fatis," to open up - that opens new possibilities, the childlike stubbornness without fear, the willpower that transforms the struggle into a celebration."


beatrice bianchet